yesterday at this time 20:18…

yesterday at this time…buggs and i were on foot walking. we were walking laps and with each lap, the sky changed. the combination of the clouds, the howling winds, and the historic backdrop worked together to create some highly dramatic photos.

here are the photos that we took yesterday at this time 20:18…



so, buggs and i went for a drive the other day and we saw a sign that said, “cemetery” and had an arrow pointing eastward. ever since s***h and i were in digital photography class at wsu-v, whenever i see a cemetery…i generally stop, drive-in, and explore looking for the unusual and unexpected.

s***h and i used to do this often. we had a night photography assignment once and we went into an old vancouver (washington) cemetery and shot. it was exciting and fun and spooky. we never knew what we were going to encounter. it was interesting to go to school the next day and see what we had captured.

i remember staring at my computer screen one day and taking in a phenomenal image of a headstone surrounded by radiant, glowing, orange light. i was both surprised and fascinated. the light seemed to be emanating from the grave and behind it…through the tree line. it was amazing.

i have photographed cemeteries in washington, idaho, montana, nevada, iowa, and oklahoma. every cemetery is different and holds it’s own mysteries. i always feel as if i am drawn there for a reason, as if there is something there that i need to see and photograph. as i go, i feel kindred spirits all around me.

this particular day, buggs and i were drawn to the lawnview cemetery in cordell, oklahoma. we drove through stopping to photograph points of interest. three quarters of the way through, i found what it was that i was supposed to see and i let out a chuckle. i reveled in it’s dark irony…it’s fantastic.

our second journey, part fourteen…laurel, mt to bozeman, mt…

before leaving laurel, i mapped out our journey back to henderson. i knew that we would be heading west to bozeman and then heading south through the gallatin gateway to yellowstone national park.

i knew that time was of the essence, because a big storm was moving in. the clouds were dark grey and the temperature began to drop. we were wasting daylight and dry roads waiting on a motherfucking, moronic liar.

of course, i’m me and it’s my nature to be rebellious and spiteful at times. sometimes, i make bad decisions and end up doing stupid things. the moron pissed me off by wasting my time, so i wasted his. i “poked” the “bear.”

by the time i finished making a report at the police department, the sky was dark and night had fallen. i really don’t see all that well at night. buggs and i were headed west for the pass and it began to snow. the wind whipped the snow around making it even harder to see.

we hit the pass and i watched the outside temperature gauge change, as we climbed the mountain. i was shocked when my car began flashing a word on the speedometer. it read, “icy.” i panicked because i knew that i was driving on a sheet of ice.

as i drove, i remembered and repeated to myself…not to slam on the brakes. instead, i kept my speed down and when i needed to go slower or stop…i pumped my brake lightly. the drive was tedious and scary, but i did it. i did it myself!!

once over the pass, we could see the lights of bozeman a little lower down. i was so relieved as we made our way to our room in the super 8 hotel, that we booked along the way using we were very fortunate that we got the last room.

more tomorrow…

life is strange…

…i find myself still in oklahoma, after having arrived on thanksgiving day last year…two thousand seventeen.

i guess that i am making my rounds of living in states ending in the letter “a”…california, montana, nevada, oklahoma…the odd one out is washington. washington is my home.

i am taking a break and sitting by the window. i am watching as ice pellets hit the glass and ricochet off. the street is slick and thick with ice. my car’s windshield is frozen.

coming from the desert this is very foreign to me…however, i do prefer the cold to the hot. i like having changes in the weather and seasons. it makes life more exciting and adventurous.

i spent the morning looking at instagram. i saw all of the lovely and beautiful photographs of my talented, pacific northwest peers. now, i am completely homesick.

i long for trees and forests…for clean air and fresh smells. i miss portland saturday market, saint cupcake, thanh thao. i want to go camping and drive on the beach.

buggs is snuggled up on my chest, as i stretch my arms out trying to write this. he is very comfortable…sleeping soundly. i am not. i need to shift. i do and he lets out a low growl.

the wind is howling outside like i have never heard before. j**s told me that the wind was howling at the fort and that it sounded hopeless. well, the wind here seems to be calling buggs and i to mystery, intrigue, and adventure.

life is strange…




this time of year…

…was difficult for me last year. i broke up with with a cheater last february, after having enjoyed a wonderful “imaginary” valentine’s day text and photo “date” with a very special person the previous year.

as i have said several times, that person made me see and feel things differently than i ever have. that person brought me back to a time of innocence…a time of handmade, paper valentine’s placed into decorated boxes in a classroom.

i was presented with the image of an imaginary valentine’s day card. it asked if i would be that person’s valentine and on it were three boxes next to three short words/phrases; yes, no, maybe so. i was instructed to choose one.

of course, i chose yes! there was really nothing in the world that i wanted more, than to be that person’s valentine. it was a magical day for me, filled with electronic images of puffy unicorn and heart stickers with lots of glitter.

this year, i have embraced that notion of innocence and sweetness, once again. i have found myself collecting bits of this and scraps of that to create the perfect, handmade, paper valentine for someone special, who chose to be…

…my valentine this year. my valentine has been present in my life in a big way everyday for nearly ten months now. that’s right, it’s j**s. j**s and buggs and i have traveled all over the country together and have had many adventures.

we share each other’s secrets and goals and dreams. we support and encourage one another. we make each other laugh and we bounce ideas off of one another. and no, we have never physically met, but look forward to doing so someday.

life is so fucking funny! since being in oklahoma, i have made several brand new friends, whom i am getting to know better each day. i have to say that they are all very kind and accepting and funny and unique. they make me smile!

we get together in the evenings and do things like play cards (especially phase ten), work on puzzles, have potlucks, go out for fried onion burgers at shorty’s, or work on crafts. we are going to be having a valentine’s day party.

and, guess what…we are all making specially decorated boxes to receive valentines in and some of us are making handmade, paper valentines. i am enjoying this! this is great fun! my life has once again come about full circle.

valentine’s day this year will be sweet, with no bitter whatsoever. i have a special valentine who is worthy of my “heart.” i have new friends who share my love of games and puzzles and crafts. and, i have my love bugg(s).

i wish everyone a very happy valentine’s day!!


my god…

…i did not realize that ten days have come and gone without me posting anything. no, i have not been out having adventures and gathering unique stones to present as gifts to others. 

i have been sick and completely bored and useless. first i had the flu, which knocked me on my ass. then, i began feeling better, but i got “respiratory toilet,” as j**s calls it…a fancy nursing phrase for bronchitis.

i went to the urgent care here in small-town oklahoma and was given a ten day course of augmentin. the augmentin made me more sick than the bronchitis, but i kept taking it. i have two pills left now.

i am finally feeling much, much better!! now, i realize just how bored i really am. i am finding myself getting really excited to go grocery shopping, to the veterinarian, and to the doctor. 

i realize that i require periodic socialization. i need a social outlet to talk, to laugh and smile, to do good deeds, and to interact. i thrive on conversation or communication of any kind.

without communication of any kind from others, i would surely be beyond bored. i remember how it was before buggs…pretty lonely. i am blessed to have him to cuddle up with and to talk to. he is a good listener.

anyway, i am back and will continue the stories of our journeys and post photos. i am working on photos as i write this, however, the sheer number of images is mind blowing and i’m a bit intimidated.