our second journey, part ten photos…red lodge, mt to laurel, mt…

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december 28, 2017…

today, i am grateful for… 

…my dog buggs who is my best friend, co-pilot, constant companion, snuggle bug, and source of constant entertainment. he provides me with love, comfort, and protection twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. i am so grateful and happy to have him in my life… 

…new socks…all of my other socks had holes in them and i just kept on wearing them, because i was too busy to stop and buy new ones. these socks are nice and keep my feet warm… 

…a nice hot shower after being outside with the temperature being 18°. it helped to soothe all of my tires and aching muscles. the hot steam made me cough and cough helping me to get rid of a lot of the congestion… 

…a good talk with my co-co-pilot j**s last night. although we have never met, she understands me and listens to me. we are planning on meeting soon… 

…my new friend a****a. my friend l***a introduced us to one another, when i was visiting her in bartlesville. she is very positive and always has something good to say… 

my body may be infirm, but my heart, mind, and spirit are strong. i may be in a strange place in the middle of the country, but l***a is three and a half hours away from me. i may feel lonely and alone from time to time, but i am surrounded by wonderful and caring friends. 

i am capable. i am independent. i am open to possibilities. 


our second journey, part seven…gig harbor… 

***i’m going to let everyone know now. i’m feeling pretty yucky and i just might not make it all the way through this today.***

so, here buggs and i were in a beautiful, magical surrounding…washington my home. i was two hours late for my friend. i was “sleep starved” and starting to get overly tired/exhausted/loopy, as well as, experience weird shootings pains in my lower back and legs.

i had just hugged my friend and we began to walk away from my car toward the restaurant. at that point, my twelve pound dynamo, buggs, started barking and wouldn’t stop. it was fall, but really nice outside and it wasn’t too hot to leave him in the car. he had access to food and water, but wouldn’t stop. 

we were going to sit outside on the patio overlooking the harbor. there were other dogs sitting outside, lying on the ground next to the table, so, my friend suggested that we bring buggs along to brunch. i went back to the car and got him. the hostess showed us to our table and brought us coffee. i was holding onto buggs still, but leaned over to put him on the ground. 

as i tried to put my twelve pound charge down, i knocked over my coffee, which in turn spilled into my lap. my jumping up quickly to deal with the hot liquid scared buggs and he was back in my arms again. without thinking about it, i set him down in the empty chair next to me, so that i could look at my menu. he stayed sitting there in that chair, until i was ready to go. 

***sorry, i’ve got to lie down for a bit…more tomorrow…***

more photos from our journey…

…okay, our photos left off at corning, ca…right before our climb up into the mountains. we begin at the first reststop up the mountain…the lakehead rest area…and we conclude at la pine, or at dusk, in a thick haze from the wildfires.

mind you…buggs and i began in fremont, ca…having slept in the car, in a denny’s parking lot. we picked up, bear the cat at 0600. by the time we reached la pine, or it was about 2000.

i had five cats and two dogs in the car with me. which meant every two to three hours stopping to potty walk, feed, and water dogs…clean up after cats, feed, and water. i also needed to photograph each one and send to owner with our eta, etc.

by the time i reached the motherfucking columbia gorge it was pitch fucking black. i was on a two lane, winding road, with big trucks, and bright lights and i couldn’t see. it was white knuckle driving, like i’d never known it…will fill in the rest tomorrow.

but, by the time we reached our final destination…spokane, wa…it was 0600…24 hours straight of driving, walking, feeding, photographing, etc. and, i got five cats, two dogs, and myself safely to spokane, wa. i did it with my co-pilot buggs…we rocked!!

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i never knew…

…that when i was looking for a dog to adopt, that i would actually find the one that i was supposed to have.

i worried about adopting a dog that ended up having major issues like: separation anxiety, aggression, or health problems.

i was looking at petfinder.com, when i saw a rust colored, gargoyle with orange eyes. he looked like an egyptian anubis and he looked like he knew the secrets of the universe. he wasn’t too big and he wasn’t too small…he was the perfect size dog.

everyday, i went onto the website and showed r*****d his photo. everyday, r*****d would tell me how ugly the little guy was and that we couldn’t have a dog.

the process went on for three months. and, everyday that i went on and looked, i worried would be the day that i’d no longer see his angular face.

one day in particular, i was feeling really sad and lonely. i was sitting in my chair quietly writing, and the tears just came spilling down my face. i was so sad, so lonely, and just so alone…in a place that i hated.

r*****d, who hates it when i cry, looked over at me and demanded to know what was wrong. i told him that i was so sad and lonely, that my heart hurt. he asked me what would make me feel better, good enough to stop crying.

i immediately knew what i would and did say…a dog! not just any dog, that dog that i looked at everyday.  i made some calls and found out that he was still available. the next day, i adopted him from a rescue.

suddenly, i belonged to another heart and soul. there was another compassionate being that loved and cared about me. i was his mama and he was my boy. i was no longer alone.

his royal highness, king buggs