plinky prompts: what qualities do you value most in your friends?…

qualities that i value most in friends—>

1.) loyalty & trustworthiness – it is important that a friend is loyal to me, so that i can feel safe enough to trust them with my secrets, hopes, and dreams. i want to be able to share my successes and failures…my good and bad qualities. i can do none of that if i don’t feel that a friend is loyal and/or trustworthy.

2.) honesty – it is important that a friend is honest with me, so that i can feel safe enough to trust them with the big and little things that only friends can help with in life. i want a friend to be able to come to me and tell me that i have spinach in my teeth, look awful in an outfit, or have really bad breath. i don’t want a friend to hide things from me, lie, or sugar-coat things…i just want full on, slap in the face honesty.

3.) sympathy/empathy – it is important that a friend is able to sympathize and empathize with myself, and with others. i want my friends to be able to understand my emotions and feelings, sometimes sharing them. it is very important to me to have friends that understand, or try to understand, where i’m coming from.

4.) humor – it is important that a friend has a good sense of humor, so that we can laugh and enjoy each other’s company. i want a friend to be able to have fun and be silly, not being afraid to make a fool of one’s self. i want to enjoy my friends’ humor, and i want them to enjoy mine.

those are the qualities that i value most in my friends.


plinky prompts: what is your favorite park?…

my favorite park—>

do i have favorite park? i had never really thought about it before. when i think of the word, “park,” i think of many different types of parks. state parks – where people go to have picnics. national parks – where people go to camp. theme parks – where people go for entertainment and rides.

the very first park that popped into my mind, was balboa park in san diego, california…my hometown. i grew up going to this park. from a very young age, i can remember being there…the smells (freshly cut and manicured lawns), the touches (cold metal, soft warm sand, sticky cotton candy), the sounds (the roar of the lions, the trumpets of the elephants, the whistle of the train, the music from the carousel) the sights (a beautiful skyline, old world spanish architecture, gorillas throwing poop), and the tastes (freshly roasted peanuts, cotton candy, chocolate dipped frozen bananas, kfc drumsticks).

balboa park, was named for the explorer vasco núñez de balboa. it is a 1200 acre urban cultural park. it boasts 16 different museums, 16 different gardens, the world famous san diego zoo, a carousel, a miniature railroad, the old globe theater, spreckel’s organ pavillion, the starlight bowl, and balboa stadium. Other attractions in various areas of the park include chess and bridge outdoor tables, horseshoe pits, playgrounds, walking and jogging trails, sports fields and courts, and picnic areas. it is the home for many special events, such as, christmas on the prado, gay pride festival, and earth day. many walks and marathons start and end in the park. it is a vital part of san diego, and its’ history.

it is easy to see why balboa park is my favorite park.

plinky prompts: what are your top five films of all-time?…

my top five all-time favorite films—>

i love all kinds of movies – it’s hard for me to narrow it down to five overall favorites…there are so many different genres; big budget blockbusters, tiny little independents, and crazy art films.

i decided to respond to this prompt in my own way, so here goes:


1.) but i’m a cheerleader
2.) shaun of the dead
3.) saved
4.) the sweetest thing
5.) best in show


1.) vanilla sky
2.) reservoir dogs
3.) the usual suspects
4.) seven
5.) silence of the lambs


1.) frailty
2.) shallow grave
3.) the shining
4.) secret window
5.) the others


1.) rosemary’s baby
2.) session 9
3.) 28 days later
4.) the ring
5.) let the right one in


1.) pecker
2.) fargo
3.) slingblade
4.) kill bill I & II
5.) high art


1.) slumdog millionaire
2.) raise the red lantern
3.) life is beautiful
4.) la vie en rose
5.) amelie

plinky prompts: who was the best teacher that you’ve ever had?…

the best teacher i ever had—>

thinking back about all of the teachers that i’ve had, one stands out in my mind…mr. geoffrey jenkins.

mr. jenkins was my teacher for four years when i went to st. lukes lutheran day school. he taught my third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes.

mr. jenkins was like no other teacher that i’ve ever had in that he cared deeply about each of his 20-25 students. he knew each of us very well. he gave us respect, and in turn, we gave it back to him.

in mr. jenkins class, we learned so much, but we also had fun. mr. jenkins printed up “money” with his photo on it, and we earned different amounts for different achievements; test scores, citizenship, imagination. at the end of each trimester, we would have an auction. mr.jenkins would buy different treasures for us to bid on with his own money. he taught us how to use our “money” and bid, skills for later in life. we eagerly bid on things like: books, frisbees, games, chocolate, etc.

mr. jenkins believed in us, and in our ability to learn and do good work. he rewarded us after each day of hard work by reading books aloud. that was such a treat. his bold, booming voice brought books to life, and stimulated imagination, thought, and discussion. he read: “tarzan,” “the raven,” “the tell tale heart,” “the time machine,” “war of the worlds,” “charlie and the chocolate factory,” etc.

mr. jenkins was a very hands-on teacher, meaning that he participated in all that we did…each and every day. he ate lunch with us. he played with us at recess; basketball, tetherball, catch. at p.e., he would actually play with us in our games; dodgeball, kickball, football.

mr.jenkins was always there for us, whenever we needed him – he was the best teacher i’ve ever had.

plinky prompts: who do i trust with my biggest secrets?…

who do i trust with my biggest secrets?—>

it is very hard for me to trust anyone. i have a very hard time letting people in…all the way. this problem keeps me from getting really close to anyone in my life.

i was brought up in a very closed family. my dad was a very fearful and distrusting man. he raised us to believe that we could trust absolutely no one…that anyone who was nice to us or showed any interest, just wanted something…and once they got “it,” they would turn on us. it was very hard to grow up that way, it made me into a distrustful person, who constantly “tests” people to see who’s “worthy.” i sabotage my relationships, so that i don’t have to get close to someone, only to be turned on when i least expect it.

who do you trust with your biggest secrets? the answer is no one. i don’t trust anyone with my biggest secrets…not even me…that’s why i try not to say or do anything that i wouldn’t want anyone to know about…because i CAN’T keep a secret.

plinky prompts: what word or phrase am i tired of hearing…

what word or phrase am i tired of hearing?—>

oh gosh…it was funny because the moment i saw this prompt i knew instantly what to write.

i am absolutely sick and tired (equally) of two phrases; “it is what it is” and “it’s all good.” oh god…those two statements just turn the pit of my stomach. when i hear someone say one of those obnoxious bits of jargon…i just cringe and shrink away.

“it is what it is” and “it’s all good,” are completely annoying phrases.

pinky prompts: the most expensive item i’ve ever purchased…

the most expensive item i’ve ever purchased—>

the most expensive personal item i’ve ever purchased would have to be my 2003 ford escape.

i needed a new car, and on mother’s day of 2003, i pulled into the lot of courtesy ford. i had seen an escape on a “bell ringer” special, got there early…staked my claim…and closed the deal. the sale price was $15,999, but after tax, licensing, and financing for 5 years the total purchase price ended up being about $25,000. i paid it off in 2008, gifted it to an old friend, and it ended up being totaled in a wreck.

that was the most expensive personal item that i’ve ever purchased.