06.20.2017…11:57…106°…36.083865, -115.035015 (the numbers of my day)…

…it’s now four minutes after noon…

i’m reminded that the desert is a dangerous place…the temperature, the weather, the environment, the native wildlife, and the transplanted wildlife.

on an average, the temperature varies widely between 38° and 105°…it is very rarely below 30° and very rarely above 111°. the “hot season” lasts for approximately 3-1/2 months. it lasts from june 2 until september 16…with the average high temperature being 95°. the hottest day of the year has historically been july 13, with an average high of 105° and average low of 80°.

on the flipside, the “cold season” lasts approximately 3-1/4 months. it lasts from november 18 until february 24…with the average daily high temperature being around 66°. the coldest day of the year has historically been december 26, with an average high of 56° and average low of 38°.

the desert is home to weather events such as excessive heat, extreme cold, windstorms, duststorms, hailstorms, flash floods, droughts, mudslides, debris flows, landslides, severe thunderstorms, killer lightning, tornadoes, funnel clouds, water spouts, and dust devils. 

the desert is home to many different and unique breeds of wildlife…this group includes mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. they can be broken down by diet…carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, insectivores, and scavengers. they can be divided into the two groups of predator and prey. and, they can also be classified by activity…diurnal and nocturnal. the mojave is also home to two breeds of feral animals…the wild horse and the wild burro.

the mojave desert is home to many endangered and threatened species of both fauna and flora…


          amargosa southern pocket gopher
          desert bighorn sheep
          mountain lion
          townsend’s big-eared bat


          bald eagle
          california brown pelican
          least bell’s vireo
          mexican spotted owl
          yuma clapper rail


          coachella valley fringe-toed lizard
          desert tortoise


          lowland leopard frog


          bonytail chub
          colorado squawfish
          devil’s hole pupfish
          mojave tui chub
          humpback chub
          razorback sucker

     insects and snails:

          badwater snail
          devil’s hole warm springs riffle beetle


          bear-paw poppy
          foxtail cactus
          eureka valley evening primrose
          panamint daisy
          sticky buckwheat

the mojave desert was originally home to native american tribes: mohave, kawaiisu, kitanemuk, serrano, koso, southern paiute, chemehuevi. a spaniard, catholic missionary, francisco garces was the first to meet the mohaves. the us army annexed the mohave and created a reservation, where less than 2,000 mohave tribe members actually live today.

the new residents of the mojave, have shaped and changed it forever. the desert is now theirs. they have changed it to suit them. they are : prospectors and miners, military and government testers, paranormal investigators and otherworldly explorers, the “mob element” and criminal investors, gamblers and fortune hunters, freelancers and independent contractors, sex workers and marijuana workers, guards and drivers, dealers and players, retirees and snowbirds, bartenders and drinkers, chefs and entertainers, the addicted and the homeless.

***on maps and documents mojave is spelled with a “j.” pertaining to the tribe of native americans, mohave is spelled with an “h.” when in arizona or speaking of the arizona part of the desert, mohave is spelled with an “h.”***


13 reasons why (part two)…

is a new netflix original series. i highly recommend it to parents and non-parents, to anyone really. 

it follows all that’s involved in the student-life at fictional, liberty high school, which is located in a small, nondescript town.

i want to talk about the show, but i also don’t want to give any of it’s important storylines away.

i will say that there are 13 reasons why the main character decides to take the course of action that she does.

the series revolves around the action, talking about it as a past event, and weaves it’s way backwards to the action itself.

it portrays different stereotypical students: jocks, cheerleaders, student council, nerds, rebels, gays, and outcasts.

the series is broken into 13 separate, but intermingled storylines about 13 different, but enmeshed individuals.

it takes 13 different events, performed by 13 different people to create the “perfect storm” of emotional “fallout.”

in the end, everyone’s lives were truly changed forever. that one person, taught them all how it felt to be “less than.”

how it felt to be bullied, to be invisible, to be friendless, to be unheard, to not be believed, and to be lonely…very lonely.

it touched me and moved me in so many ways. i have gone through each of those feelings. i still go through some of them.

i experienced those feelings, not in high school, but rather at church, within my own family, and in other “relationships.”

i understand, hannah baker. i feel her hurt, her vulnerability, her willingness to keep looking for a reason to stay.

what i understand the most is the fact that she just wanted someone to come after her, to just give her that glimmer of hope. 

she just wanted someone to care enough to really see her, talk to her, hear her, and give her their time…be her friend.

13 reasons why…

i have just finished it and am in the process of collecting all of my thoughts, and feelings.

i have been profoundly moved, in a way that i have never been before. i challenge anyone who hasn’t seen it, to watch it.

the series consists of one season, with 13 episodes. it is a netflix original series and stars unknowns, except for kate walsh.

my day in clouds…

my first cloud was “captured” at 10:10 am. this cloud reminded me of a carefree spirit, doing cartwheels across the sky. it was floating freely with a duo of miniscule puffs. this cloud was in the eastern sky. they color of the surrounding sky, was much darker than in my other shots.

my second shot, was a duo of clouds. they reminded me of the yin and the yang, or like maybe they were squaring off for a sparring match. i “captured” them at 12:19 pm. they were also floating in the eastern sky. the sky surrounding them was the second darkest

my third cloud was “captured” at 3:33 pm, ironically enough. this cloud was kind of flat and stretched out, it kind of reminded me of a dead duck, on a cutting board, at an asian restaurant. this cloud was also floating in the eastern sky. the color of the sky around it was lighter and brighter than the other two shots.


i absolutely love pinterest, as evidenced by my 22,549 pins…and, apparently some people like what i pin, because i have 8,240 followers. my boards can be found here.

this morning, i was looking at my email and found something that was interesting (to me). i noticed a name that i was very familiar with…damien hirst. he is one of my favorite artists. 

now, i’m not saying that he did it personally, but someone is his organization liked one of my pins…ironically enough it was one of his own photos. it made me laugh.

pharmaceuticals by damien hirst

below, is what i found in my inbox this morning…and, if you were interested in looking, here’s a link to damien hirst 

my discovery

use your illusion l…

in nineteen-ninety-one, i met wendy and shortly thereafter, we moved into a beautiful loft, in downtown, la mesa, california. we shared an intense love of music and always had in depth discussions about what different songs meant. we loved watching videos and analyzing lyrics. we attended many concerts together and shared many memories.

at the time, i had a nineteen-eighty-four, gold, metallic, honda, elite scooter and the two of us rode everywhere on it. we rode to see ozzy osbourne, nirvana, pearl jam, anthrax, alice in chains, and hole. we both loved guns-n-roses and when they came out with their albums, “use your illusion l” and “use your illusion ll,” we planned a three day, two night los angeles, mini vacation. we were both so excited, because we were going to go see guns-n-roses, at the forum. we were beyond stoked.

guns-n-roses, use your illusion l
guns-n-roses, use your illusion ll

the artwork on the cover was by mark kostabi and he sampled some of raphael’s, “school of athens,” in his work. it was very interesting.   

kostabi question
raphael’s, “school of athens”

Definition of illusion

  1. 1a obsolete :  the action of deceivingb (1) :  the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled :  misapprehension (2) :  an instance of such deception

  2. 2a (1) :  a misleading image presented to the vision (2) :  something that deceives or misleads intellectuallyb (1) :  perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature (2) :  hallucination 1 (3) :  a pattern capable of reversible perspective

  3. 3:  a fine plain transparent bobbinet or tulle usually made of silk and used for veils, trimmings, and dresses


play\i-ˈlüzh-nəl, -ˈlü-zhə-nəl\ adjective 

***tomorrow i’ll be making a follow up post to this one, called, “use your illusion ll.” it will be about my time in iowa. until then, take good care yourseves!”***