one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

…big fish, little fish…motherfucking catfish.

well, my catfish from last year…the one that sent me roses and candy is back. he/she contacted me through my blog going by a whole new name…carla reibold. the following is the exchange between the two of us:

interesting…maybe he/she was just bored…



maybe the thirteenth time…

…is the motherfucking charm. god only knows for sure…this business just gets more and more interesting. i just can’t seem to get away from it…from african scammers…two in particular. 

…for me and elena johnson, who incidentally hails from a different city and state, everytime that we are matched. two weeks ago, she was from sacramento, california. i see now, that she has “moved” to havertown, pennsylvania. when i first made her acquaintance, she “lived” in atlanta, georgia…but, was serving as a nurse for unicef, in ilorin, kwara, nigeria. 

…is when compatible partners/eharmony, no longer gets my money…as i have continually reported ms. johnson, at least as many times and yet, she still keeps popping up in my inbox. quite honestly, this time…i’ve had enough. 

…i’m going to “out” whomever is using this poor woman and her son’s photos…because, i guarantee that the woman in these photos, probably has no idea that her photos and identity have been compromised. if anyone, anywhere knows who this woman is, please let her know that her photos are being used by scammers and i’ll take them down.

…i’ll nip this in the bud, once and for all. the name, elena johnson, is the only thing about this woman (who is NOT the woman in the photos) that’s real. it’s her real name and she has a photo id. i know that, because i sent a moneygram to her using that name and she had to have a photo id, with the same name to claim it. and, this is what’s on that id: elena johnson, 20 tanke road, ilorin, kwara, nigeria, 234031.

***i just want to reiterate that i’m still on relationship restriction. i’m quite happy pursuing my own heart and giving it what it wants, and needs…my full, undivided love and attention. the only reason why i went onto the compatible partners/eharmony site, was because i was outraged that she appeared in my inbox again, and i wanted to block, and report her again. the email from linda weber that came yesterday, was completely unsolicited and unanswered, as it was nearly the same email from nearly three months earlier…and, she was obviously trying to hook me for a scam.***

and this, is what i found in my inbox this morning
her new and improved profile, part 1
her new and improved profile, part 2
her new and improved profile, part 3
mystery woman #1
mystery woman #2
mystery woman #3
mystery woman #4
mystery woman #5
the message that i sent, before i blocked her and reported her, yet again
yet another match termination email

here’s another one…

i have no shortage of these, unfortunately!! 

heeheehee, maybe now, i-myself see why when a “real,” united states citizen…a woman actually living in the midwest…who would and could talk to me on the phone and video chat with me…came into my life, i turned a blind-eye to any and all red-flags. my 🕵 and i talked about this today. all the information was always there. i was in denial.

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

here is the one of the photos that she gave me, that i did a reverse image search and found on a “romance scammer” website.

here is the link to the “romance scammer” website, that i found the same exact photo on.

since several people have asked…

i have been through a lot dating scams and nightmares. i have had several of my readers ask me, exactly what they should be looking for, when it comes to recognizing a “catfish.” if i can share what i know and it keeps even one person from being scammed, heartbroken, or both…i will be happy.

okay, here’s the thing…normally i keep people’s full-names and/or identities private, but these people don’t deserve that courtesy. i’m sorry, but they don’t. believe me, given the chance, they would steal your credit card or social security number, and immediately assume your identity. 

so, here is an example of the same “person” or group of people, using the same name, cut and paste email, and email address. a lot of these letters from scammers, look and sound the same. these are nearly identical emails…one sent to me on 11/16/16 and the other today 02/16/17…exactly three months apart, from the “safest,” online-dating site…compatible partners/eharmony. 

email 1, part 1
email 1, part 2
email 1, part 3
email 1, part 4
email 2, part 1
email 2, part 2
email 2, part 3
email 2, part 4