hey…it’s been awhile.
i’m back…did you miss me?
nevermind…you don’t need to respond.
i think…i already know your answer.

i don’t want to make this…awkward.
it’s been hard enough…knowing.
living with what transpired…or did not.
but, enough time has passed…ticked off.

maybe, no one remembers…
maybe, it’s just me…
maybe, it doesn’t matter…
maybe, it never did…

but, here i am again…resurrected.
no longer running…a chicken without her head.
staring you down…eye to eye.
not nervous, not flinching…just strongly stoic.

my mind no longer segues right to you.
it no longer sees your face.
it no longer hears your voice.
i am older, wiser and finally free.


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