this past weekend…

buggs and i picked up a giant german shepherd named, lucious…in norman, oklahoma and transported him to lincoln, nebraska.

it was a fun trip. i was delivering lucious to a former professional football player (for the san diego chargers). who is now a coaching assistant for the nebraska cornhuskers.

it was rather exciting to drive right up to memorial stadium…home of giant college games that i have seen on tv so many times over the years. it was beautiful and grand.

lucious’s owner was such a nice guy!! he gave me a big hug when we met and when i left. the reunion between him and lucious was a magical moment. he may have shed a tear or two.

buggs and i spent the night in belleville, kansas. we stayed in a hotel run by the nicest family. our room was nice and the bed fantastic. i had the best night of sleep that i’ve had in years there.

we arrived back from our quick trip yesterday afternoon. we were greeted by very hot and humid weather. the temperature was 94°. we went inside and cranked on the a/c.


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