our second journey, part twelve…laurel, mt to billings, mt to silesia, mt to red lodge, mt and back to laurel, mt…

quite honestly, this leg of our journey was very hard for me and excruciating really…physically, mentally, and emotionally. buggs, of course, handled it like a trooper and a well-seasoned traveler.

my head and heart were still swimming in a sea of questions. i went over and over and over the whole gig harbor, wa part of our journey trying to figure out exactly what had transpired.

we arrived on p**l’s doorstep and everything spiraled out of control from there. it was an exercise in futility and i really do not wish to reopen that rotten can of worms. we have moved forward.

i will make a bullet point list of this leg of our journey…but, i will not be going into too much detail.

high and low points of this leg:

  • not being able to sleep for nearly forty-eight hours due to another’s drug habit and scary behemoth spiders.
  • sleep sick and unable to stand or walk…couldn’t feel either leg or foot.
  • hospitalized for nearly a week.
  • four hour mri performed twice.
  • two lumbar punctures.
  • three bulging discs in my lower back.
  • was without buggs for awhile.
  • once released…couldn’t lie down had to try to sleep sitting up on couch.
  • had great conversations with j**s.
  • went to yellowstone wildlife sanctuary.
  • took some beautiful photos.
  • had pancakes with all you can eat syrup at the pelican cafe.
  • ankles swelled into cankles.
  • homer, my birthright was stolen from me.
  • repeatedly lied to.
  • huge fight about money.
  • threatened.
  • packed up and fled laurel, mt.
  • stopped at police department on way out of town.
  • drove in the dark with ice on the roads, through a mountain pass to our next stop…bozeman, mt.

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