this time of year…

…was difficult for me last year. i broke up with with a cheater last february, after having enjoyed a wonderful “imaginary” valentine’s day text and photo “date” with a very special person the previous year.

as i have said several times, that person made me see and feel things differently than i ever have. that person brought me back to a time of innocence…a time of handmade, paper valentine’s placed into decorated boxes in a classroom.

i was presented with the image of an imaginary valentine’s day card. it asked if i would be that person’s valentine and on it were three boxes next to three short words/phrases; yes, no, maybe so. i was instructed to choose one.

of course, i chose yes! there was really nothing in the world that i wanted more, than to be that person’s valentine. it was a magical day for me, filled with electronic images of puffy unicorn and heart stickers with lots of glitter.

this year, i have embraced that notion of innocence and sweetness, once again. i have found myself collecting bits of this and scraps of that to create the perfect, handmade, paper valentine for someone special, who chose to be…

…my valentine this year. my valentine has been present in my life in a big way everyday for nearly ten months now. that’s right, it’s j**s. j**s and buggs and i have traveled all over the country together and have had many adventures.

we share each other’s secrets and goals and dreams. we support and encourage one another. we make each other laugh and we bounce ideas off of one another. and no, we have never physically met, but look forward to doing so someday.

life is so fucking funny! since being in oklahoma, i have made several brand new friends, whom i am getting to know better each day. i have to say that they are all very kind and accepting and funny and unique. they make me smile!

we get together in the evenings and do things like play cards (especially phase ten), work on puzzles, have potlucks, go out for fried onion burgers at shorty’s, or work on crafts. we are going to be having a valentine’s day party.

and, guess what…we are all making specially decorated boxes to receive valentines in and some of us are making handmade, paper valentines. i am enjoying this! this is great fun! my life has once again come about full circle.

valentine’s day this year will be sweet, with no bitter whatsoever. i have a special valentine who is worthy of my “heart.” i have new friends who share my love of games and puzzles and crafts. and, i have my love bugg(s).

i wish everyone a very happy valentine’s day!!



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