our second journey, part twelve…bremerton, wa to ellensburg, wa to couer d’alene, id to alberton, mt to laurel, mt…

when the reality hit me that i was sleep starved, sick, and could barely even stand upright…i made the decision based on time sitting in the car driving and cash on hand to go to my nephew’s house in laurel, mt to recuperate. (it was 18 hours to henderson, nv and only 13 hours to laurel, mt…fewer miles behind the wheel and fewer dollars at the pump.)

the good thing was that we arrived in laurel in two pieces…the bad news was that i only remember bits and pieces. i remember at some point we drove across the tacoma narrows bridge and i took photos. i remember stopping at a rest stop. then, i remember thinking to myself that ellensburg had sure changed from a dinky little town to a much bigger one. we were hungry and tired. the moon was huge and full. i took a photo of it for j**s. we drove to the pilot travel plaza, truck stop…parked and slept in the car.

we woke up before dawn shivering. i was cramped up and had a hard time walking buggs. we got some breakfast at mcdonald’s and parked. we watched as two crows (bob and bud) squabbled over a half-full bag of dorritos. they ate from the bag until the sprinklers went on and soaked them. one perched on the drive-thru sign eyeing his soggy treasures.

we drove on…stopping in couer d’alene for fuel and i found a few interesting things to take photos of. i love idaho…it’s so beautiful!! it was a very quick stop. we got back on the road and i could feel myself fading. we stopped at the first rest stop in montana after crossing the idaho border. we catnapped for about thirty minutes and then got back on the road. we didn’t get too far before my back hurt so bad that i was driving and crying. we just happened to pull over in alberton, mt. i forced myself out of the car and willed myself to walk. i am so glad because i was able to capture some incredible views and landscape.

we got back in the car and drove as fast as i safely could through livingston and missoula and bozeman to some very familiar surroundings; reed point (home of the sheep run), columbus, park city, and then…finally laurel. we were both exhausted when we pulled up to p**l’s place. i was happy to see a familiar, happy face and gave him the best hug that i could muster.

more tomorrow…


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