one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

…big fish, little fish…motherfucking catfish.

well, my catfish from last year…the one that sent me roses and candy is back. he/she contacted me through my blog going by a whole new name…carla reibold. the following is the exchange between the two of us:

interesting…maybe he/she was just bored…



One thought on “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

  1. This is all I’ve found w reverse search…and pics she’s sent. She’s yet to ask for anything. Waiting to see what happens. Said her name was Gloria Hammond 32 from Fredericksburg Va parents deceased, no relatives, list her job, car broke down, good Christian was stressed too many times! Guess it stirred my spirit of discernment n made me suspicious. Thank God.! No $$ lost n heart still in tact. Keep u posted. Have a friend that’s a cop looking into it 😉 if u post these maybe it will help someone else…I’m going to delete my profile on POF n just post the info to do a reverse image search. Thank you for response.

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    old enough to know better and young enough to do it aga


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