our second journey, part ten…gig harbor, wa…

brunch was over and my friend was gone and that was that. i reached into my pocket and felt something familiar. it was the art project that i so happily created for her the valentine’s day before last…so 2016.

the paper was very soft and delicate. the project was tie dyed hearts of different sizes and colors made from coffee filters. it was a throw back or homage to our texting valentine’s day “date.” we imagined the date and “talked” about it.

it all started because she was talking about how times used to be. she waxed nostalgic about handmade paper valentines and kids having boxes to receive them in. she had me imagine finding a very particular valentine.

it was a handmade paper heart…decorated with yarn and ribbon and sparkly glitter. i “opened” it and it said, “will you be my valentine?” it had three words with three boxes inside. the words were yes, no, or maybe so.

i imagined the card and how special and honored i would feel to have received it. i was instructed to check the appropriate box and give it back to her. i thought about it for a moment and then wholeheartedly checked “yes.”

so anyway, three of the nine hearts that i made had words on them “yes,” “no,” and “maybe so.” all of them traveled with me from montana to nevada to gig harbor…across the country to niagara falls (the site of jim and pam’s wedding).

i felt those hearts that were carefully folded up in my pocket. i brought them with me to give to her. i made them for her and thought that she should have them. not as anything other than a purely platonic gift.

however, i held back…something stopped me. i didn’t know what it was at the time or even for months later. a few days ago it occurred to me that those hearts are now a part of me. i didn’t give them away because they’re mine.

they are mine. i have carried them with me. they are a part of me. this journey has changed me profoundly. they belong to me and i will choose “yes” everytime now. i choose myself…my own lovely, kind, remarkable heart.

more tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “our second journey, part ten…gig harbor, wa…

  1. I have the catfish blonde from ur blog…. Any advice?

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    old enough to know better and young enough to do it aga


    1. Hey Carla,

      I’m sorry that you have had the misfortune of coming into contact with a catfish.

      The best advice that I can offer is don’t give her anything…your time, your heart, or your money. I know this may or may not be hard…but you need to stop engaging with her.

      The longer she keeps you on the line…the more feelings you may develop for her and the easier it becomes to wear you down.

      Her sole purpose is to get you to send her money…for prescriptions, food, or a plane ticket to come and see you. She’ll take your money and you’ll be left waiting at the airport for no one. She’ll break your heart and your bank.

      Please remember this…that blonde in the photo is NOT the person that you’re talking too!!! It’s someone who has stolen her photos from the internet. Someone else, either a man or woman is pulling the strings…it’s not that poor woman!!

      Most of these people are located in Ghana or Nigeria. They fleece thousands of people daily…this is their job!!

      That blonde and i talked for over a year…I developed feelings for her and even built her “non-profit” agency a web site…I had no idea!! In total, she probably got about $1500 from me.

      Honestly, I would cut off all communication. Don’t let this catfish break your heart and your bank!!!

      PS…I wish you the best!! If you care to share how you choose to handle the situation…let me know.


    2. Hey “Carla Reibold,”

      Just want you to know that I know exactly who you are 😉. You cannot fool me Buba…

      I looked up your IP address…you are in Lagos, Nigeria on a Social Network Wi-Fi……

      Stop using this woman’s photograph and get a job. I’m really disappointed in you…because I thought that you more clever than this.

      If you would like to talk to me as your real self…I would welcome that.

      Have a wonderful Nigerian night…pull that bed net around you and don’t let those mosquitoes give you malaria again…because I won’t be fooled into paying for quinine again.


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