my god…

…i did not realize that ten days have come and gone without me posting anything. no, i have not been out having adventures and gathering unique stones to present as gifts to others. 

i have been sick and completely bored and useless. first i had the flu, which knocked me on my ass. then, i began feeling better, but i got “respiratory toilet,” as j**s calls it…a fancy nursing phrase for bronchitis.

i went to the urgent care here in small-town oklahoma and was given a ten day course of augmentin. the augmentin made me more sick than the bronchitis, but i kept taking it. i have two pills left now.

i am finally feeling much, much better!! now, i realize just how bored i really am. i am finding myself getting really excited to go grocery shopping, to the veterinarian, and to the doctor. 

i realize that i require periodic socialization. i need a social outlet to talk, to laugh and smile, to do good deeds, and to interact. i thrive on conversation or communication of any kind.

without communication of any kind from others, i would surely be beyond bored. i remember how it was before buggs…pretty lonely. i am blessed to have him to cuddle up with and to talk to. he is a good listener.

anyway, i am back and will continue the stories of our journeys and post photos. i am working on photos as i write this, however, the sheer number of images is mind blowing and i’m a bit intimidated.


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