twelve months – 2017…

january 2017

  • i met m****a online and she became my girlfriend
  • buggs and i flew to iowa
  • we spent christmas and new year’s in greenfield, iowa with my girlfriend and her two teenage daughters
  • i drove all over iowa taking photographs and exploring with buggs
  • m****a and i did a paranormal investigation of the roseman covered bridge (one of the bridges of madison county) in the middle if the night
  • buggs and i flew back to nevada

february 2017

  • i was hospitalized with hypercapnia (carbon dioxide toxicity)
  • i created a custom deck of doggie playing cards
  • ended relationship with m****a
  • received an email from “the universe”
  • began exploring and photographing the 18b (arts district of las vegas)

march 2017

  • began delivering for postmates using r*****d’s car
  • continued emdr
  • went on “relationship restriction”

april 2017

  • buggs and i spent three days and two nights with our friends l***a and e**c in las vegas
  • found and began “talking to” my invisible friend and co-co-pilot j**s
  • i created a one of a kind tarot deck for my friend for her birthday
  • got my nevada driver’s license

    may 2017

    • finished exploring and photographing the 18b (arts district of las vegas)
    • photographed old hotels and motels of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s in las vegas
    • rented car and began shuttling passengers around las vegas for lyft
    • met my dad and his girlfriend for breakfast after not seeing him in a year and a half

    june 2017

    • began car hunt
    • nearly died from heat and boredom in the desert

    july 2017

    • found and purchased my car in mesquite, nevada
    • went back to delivering for postmates
    • began delivering for ubereats
    • buggs and i explored lake mead and took lots of photos
    • turned fifty years old

    august 2017

    • began driving for citizenshipper
    • completed our first full journey transporting five cats and one dog, plus buggs
    • began collecting stones from each place that i stop to present as a gift, like a penguin (once tumbled and polished)

    september 2017

    • completed our second full journey transporting one dog, plus buggs
    • had brunch with my friend after not having seen her for nearly two years
    • went to montana because it was closer than nevada and i was really sick
    • hospitalized with upper respiratory infection and bulging discs in lower back
    • stayed with p**l until i was recovered and able to drive

    october 2017

    • arrived back in nevada
    • took some time to recuperate completely from being sleep starved
    • won bid on cross country contract

    november 2017

    • completed our third full journey transporting two cats and one dog, plus buggs from the west coast to the east coast
    • had my car breakdown and be fixed in fort wayne, indiana
    • visited niagara falls
    • buggs and k*****n went to white castle at three am
    • had thanksgiving in oklahoma

    december 2018

    • bid on jobs going west to no avail
    • visited my friend l***a and her family in bartlesville
    • came down with the flu
    • had christmas in oklahoma
    • had new year’s eve in oklahoma

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