our second journey, part eight gig harbor… 

my friend and i perused the menus at net shed no. 9. ironically enough, we both said, “i’ll either get the pastrami panini or the ricotta pancakes.” so, i suggested that we each get one and then split and share the rest…that’s what we did. 

my friend and i spent time talking and sharing. all the while, i was taking my surroundings in. my senses reveled in sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches. i couldn’t have imagined a more spectacular place to have been invited to. it screamed, “magic!!”…just like java moon had in sheridan, wy. 

my friend put a lot of thought and effort into asking me to brunch. all of my little ridiculous “signs” we’re there…bob and bud my crows…the revivalist’s, “wish i knew you when i was young”…and the presence of my number, the perfect number 9 (because 9 is three 3’s and the square root of 9 is 3).

our server came back and served us our food. it was as delicious, as it was beautiful. my friend began working on a pancake and i began nibbling on a half of pastrami panini. buggs still seated in the chair next to me, gave me a pleading, sad look. 

instead of ignoring him or just saying no, i stabbed a piece of pastrami with my fork and fed it to him. at the time, i never even stopped to think about exactly how that would look to other people…a dog seated at the table in his own chair, being fed pastrami from his owners fork. 

like i said before, i was physically exhausted and sleep “starved.” when i get to the point of being sleep starved, i’m just not “myself” anymore and all kinds of digression becomes possible. it can be goofy and ridiculous like brunch, or it can be frightening and dangerous like losing a cell phone amongst the sand dunes. 

but, brunch was nice. we got to the point where we exchanged the other half of our meal with each other. my friend finished her meal first, which was no surprise because i’m a painfully slow eater. i could feel myself becoming uncomfortable. i wanted to finish my meal, but felt bad about doing so, as i had already usurped two hours of my friends time, by being late. 

***stopping here today, because it makes me uncomfortable to think about it.***

…more tomorrow… 


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