our second journey, part seven…gig harbor… 

***i’m going to let everyone know now. i’m feeling pretty yucky and i just might not make it all the way through this today.***

so, here buggs and i were in a beautiful, magical surrounding…washington my home. i was two hours late for my friend. i was “sleep starved” and starting to get overly tired/exhausted/loopy, as well as, experience weird shootings pains in my lower back and legs.

i had just hugged my friend and we began to walk away from my car toward the restaurant. at that point, my twelve pound dynamo, buggs, started barking and wouldn’t stop. it was fall, but really nice outside and it wasn’t too hot to leave him in the car. he had access to food and water, but wouldn’t stop. 

we were going to sit outside on the patio overlooking the harbor. there were other dogs sitting outside, lying on the ground next to the table, so, my friend suggested that we bring buggs along to brunch. i went back to the car and got him. the hostess showed us to our table and brought us coffee. i was holding onto buggs still, but leaned over to put him on the ground. 

as i tried to put my twelve pound charge down, i knocked over my coffee, which in turn spilled into my lap. my jumping up quickly to deal with the hot liquid scared buggs and he was back in my arms again. without thinking about it, i set him down in the empty chair next to me, so that i could look at my menu. he stayed sitting there in that chair, until i was ready to go. 

***sorry, i’ve got to lie down for a bit…more tomorrow…***


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