our second journey, part six…gig harbor… 

i remember cursing google and switching back to my waze app. the waze app had frozen before i ever even managed to get on the freeway…thus, the reason for google. i fucking hate google and her condescending tone. 

in that moment, i wished for an iphone and a siri all my own. that thought brought a smile to my face. i remembered my friend telling me a story, in sheridan,  about her ex being jealous of how much she loved her siri. that was a magical day. 

however, this particular day, all of my fuck ups and unrealistic time planning, shoved all of that magic right out the window. don’t get me wrong, there was magic all around me…everywhere i looked there was beauty and sweet memories of home. 

i couldn’t believe my eyes, as i drove over a hill and caught a full view of the harbor, with boats and yachts surrounded by mountains and forests. there were seagulls screeching overhead and the salty, briny smell of the sea. i was overwhelmed. 

i heard waze tell me that i had reached my destination, so i parked where the location should have been. i didn’t see net shed no. 9 anywhere. i got out and walked down the sidewalk. i could hear buggs barking and carrying on in the background. 

i spied a small sign with an arrow pointing to a small parking lot down a semi-steep hill. at the bottom, i saw the restaurant, my friend’s car, and my friend waiting patiently for me. i waited on the hill for someone to leave and then pulled in. 

i was exhausted, frustrated, and embarrassed. she had invited me and reconfirmed the time with me and i agreed to it. however, by the time i finally arrived, i was nearly two hours late. i exited my vehicle and gave/received a nice hug. 

more tomorrow…i’ve got the flu and don’t feel my best and it’s difficult for me to write about something that i don’t really understand…how i could’ve fucked up so badly…


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