our second journey, part five…fife to gig harbor… 

once my co-pilot, buggs and i, finally crawled into bed at our motel 6, in fife…i realized that i still needed to check my email and set my wake-up alarm. 

my friend, whom i was having brunch with the next day, had sent me a confirmation email and asked if eleven am would be okay. i answered, “yes.”

at that point, it was 0330 and i really should have been more realistic about time, my exhaustion level, and common courtesy. 

this friend was very important to me. she invited me to brunch after not having seen me in over a year. i was looking forward to seeing her and catching up. 

however, i couldn’t sleep and my whole body felt like it was vibrating, as if i was still driving the car. i was tired and frustrated and decided to write to j**s.

after crafting a somewhat mysterious, ambiguous, and vague email. i set my alarm for 0800, which i thought would give me plenty of time to get ready, be on time. 

before falling asleep, i felt something coming on. my whole body hurt, my feet were throbbing, and i felt incredibly dizzy and nauseous. i crashed hard. 

i awoke at 0800 and took buggs outside. i had my clothes out and toiletries ready. I then packed everything else up and loaded the car up. 

i kept feeling a weird pinch in my lower back and an electrical type pain radiating down my legs. i pushed forward, as quickly as i could…showering and dressing. 

i looked and looked for both my pill box and my deodorant. i found neither. i was panicked as i looked at the clock…time was getting away from me. 

i finally figured out, that i had forgotten both my meds and my deodorant. i sent my friend an email letting her know that i was running late. 

i threw the rest of my stuff into the car and drove to get gas and ran inside the store to buy deodorant. i got back into the car and put deodorant on. 

i then sent my friend a link to track my driving progress and eta in real-time. i said, “okay google, take me to net shed no. 9.” i got onto the freeway and sped away. 

however, i then received a text that said that i was headed in the wrong direction. i was so fucking mad at google and at myself for being an unrealistic moron. 

i could actually hear r*****d’s words in my mind…”you stupid, fucking moron!!” and in this case, he would have been absolutely, fucking right. 

more tomorrow…this one hurts…it’s still a sore subject with me…because i fucked it all up… 


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