…please don’t give up on me! i’m so sorry…i have been working my ass off trying to put journey number three together. there are many individual parts that need to fit together just right to make everything all work out together.

so far, there have been some surprising and miraculous occurrences. yesterday, a woman gave a sales clerk one hundred dollars and told him to give it to the next person that he helped. well, i was the next person that he helped and he gave it to me. i was shocked and speechless. i will be paying it forward.

so, i leave henderson on sunday, headed for vallejo, ca. i’m so excited to be going back out and having another bunch of adventures with my co-pilot buggs and my co-co-pilot j**s. i’m going back to places i know well and i’m going to a bunch of places that i’ve never been.

i’m excited to be marking some more things off of my bucket list among them…niagra falls…scene of jim and pam’s wedding, from “the office.” i’m taking my good camera this time and i’m going to be taking lots of photos…and i will be bringing my tripod and cable release for some night photography.

i’ve checked the weather the whole way for each location, on each day. it looks like a few showers, but mild temperatures and no snow or ice. i will bring my carhartt coat that m****a gave me last year in iowa and i will bring bugg’s iowa coat too. this time, i won’t forget my meds or toiletries. i’ve taken care of my seat, so, my lumbar spine will be supported.

tomorrow, i am going to try to tell some more about our second journey and share another set of photos. i still have so much to tell and share. i experienced so much, in such a short amount of time. i’m forever changed and bonded much more closely with both of my pilots.

i’ve been gathering the best stones, shiny, smooth, and strange from each location that i explore. i’ve been putting them into a rock tumbler/polisher and turning them into treasures of which i will present to someone special one day. j**s calls me her penguin…bent over searching for the perfect stone…obsessed.


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