our second journey, part three…

…as we were driving, i could feel that something was just not right. we stopped at a rest stop in litchfield, ca and i took each dog out to potty. i noticed that maybe every fifty steps or so, i had excruciating pain running down my spine and into my legs and feet. it nearly laid me out on the ground each time it happened.

however, i was determined to deliver my cargo safely, have a good time, enjoy the sights, and take lots of photos. i drove on. we were listening to the playlist that j**s made for us. it kept me awake, in a good mood, and my mind off of going to the really bad place that i couldn’t let it go to.

(that place was a place of insecurity, fear, and self-doubt…what happens if i can’t walk…or pass out…or get hurt? i was bound and determined to keep myself from being anything other than confident, strong, and healthy.)

we stopped in alturas, ca to fuel up and get some coffee. it was sunday evening and only one place in town was open. we went there and i enjoyed some people watching and photo shooting, as i pumped gas. it was definitely an interesting place.

we sped back to the highway and i noticed that we were headed directly into some very thick, heavy, and visibility impairing smoke. there were forest fires and we were headed directly into the forest. i saw a rest stop ahead in chemult, or and thought that we should all get out and walk, before heading into the fires.

i needed to make sure that we were all taken care of and that all of our needs were met. the air was thick with soot and ash. the lighting was surreal. we were the only ones at the rest stop and it just seemed so eerie. as we were getting ready to leave, i looked to my left and two crows landed…bob and bud of course.

and, they very well may have been harbingers of things to come…

…until tomorrow…


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