our second journey, part two…

…well, after taking tons of photos and walking buggs to each big rock, so that he could pee on it…we got back on the road. what was left of the day, became night and once again, i was driving in the dark (which now seems to be a recurring theme in my new driving “career.” it seems like each of the scariest, curvy roads through mountains and passes appears at night.).

the temperature in the air was dropping and it was precipitating…sometimes it was rain and sometimes it was snow and sometimes it was freezing rain. well, i really love my “new to me” car…she’s really bad-ass. one of the features that i did not know that she had until she suddenly “told” me…when it became thirty-one degrees outside. i was driving and all of the sudden the word,”icy” appeared in big red letters on my console…how cool!

we arrived in hawthorne, ca to get gas and walk. i pulled around to park to get buggs out to walk and happened to catch a good glimpse at my surroundings. i had the makings of a miraculous photographic moment. in my side mirror, i could see the gasoline pumps behind me and in front of me, i could see the tesla electric fueling station. i got a pretty awesome photo that i called dual fuel, gas and electric. it was pretty cool to see.

the city of south lake tahoe was beautifully illuminated and very quiet as we pulled into the parking lot of a supermarket at about 0100. we parked by some trees and walked. i noticed that i really wasn’t feeling too good and my lower back was hurting. we got back into the car and prepared to “go to bed.” buggs of course drifted right off, was quite comfortable, and snoring like a buzz saw.

i was awake, very awake. i could not sleep. my phone was nearly dead and so were both my tablet and ipad. j**s would not be up for another three hours, so i just sat there and “wrote” in my mind. the last time i remember looking at the clock in my car, it was about 0530. i had set the alarm for 0600 and sure enough, it sounded after giving me about thirty minutes to rest my eyes. oh god…i was tired and my eyes were tiny little slits.

we got up and did our walk, stopped at mcdonald’s for sausage burritos, and made our way to pick up our passenger, asia. k****e, asia’s mom was a total flake through the entire experience. she gave me the wrong address to pick asia up at. she asked me to transport a really big box full of her crap that would not fit into her moving truck. and, she gave me the wrong address to drop asia off at. but, she promised me $100 more…

of our time in south lake tahoe, i only got two photos…the ones that i took as i was waking up. as we were driving through a pass in the carson city, nv area, i stopped and took photos of the forested valley below. my passengers were not too thrilled with me, as it was not a safe location to get them both out of the car and do a potty walk. also, asia was carsick. her mommy must have let her eat a lot of grass that morning..,

we arrived in actual carson city around noon and i needed a coffee. i was really tired. i happened to see a starbuck’s and i texted j**s to find out what kind of coffee it is that i like there…i can never seem to remember. it is the hazelnut soy latte. so, i got my delicious, expensive, designer coffee and slurped it right on down. it might have last a whole of seven minutes, if that. anyway, i was caffeinated and good to go for a few hours.

until tomorrow..,.






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