photos of our second journey, set one…amargosa valley, nv to goldfield, nv…

this journey was supposed to be henderson, nv to south lake tahoe, ca to puyallup, wa to henderson, nv.

our second journey was way crazier and more overall fulfilling than our first journey.

we went places. we saw and did things. we met interesting and fascinating people. saw old friends and loved ones.

we experienced both the absolute best and worst of humanity. i cut an addict out of my life for good, “love and light.”

i was stiffed $100, late to brunch, sleep sick, sick again in mt, hospitalized, unable to move…

…with three bulging discs, faced with behemoth spiders, blatant drug use, actual “roid rage,” pulled over again…

…given a break on a speeding ticket, charged twice for a hotel, checked into a filthy room, caught an “et” on film…

…woke up not knowing who or where i was, got burnt badly through my clothes in the virgin valley, lost my cell phone…

…in the sand dunes at yuba state park, put my last $1.65 in the gas tank in overton, nv and “kramered” it back…

…to henderson, nv with the gas tank on empty and the car’s “computer” telling me that we were going to run out of gas.

but, fuck…buggs and i did all of that along with j**s, our co-co-pilot. we had a fantastic voyage and look forward to many more!!

will begin actual stories tomorrow.


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