the end of the story of our journey back from trip one…

buggs and i left la grande, or. we were using google and google took us on little two lane highways and lots of road construction. it was getting dark. we were in idaho. we were both exhausted and just covered in “road dirt.” j**s talked us into making a reservation for a hotel.

it seemed like they were working on all of the roads in idaho. we crawled through boise at forty-five miles per hour on the freeway. suddenly it was pitch black and four lanes became one with an abrupt edge on either side. there were orange pylons down the middle of our lane and the oncoming traffic’s lane.

everyone was using their bright lights and i just couldn’t see. i noticed that the gas gauge said thirty miles worth of gas left. i was just trying to make it to twin falls, which was forty-five miles away. i saw a rest stop and stopped. we walked around and formulated a plan.

we got back on the road and exited to get gas. we stopped at a tiny town outside of jerome. it was a really strange town that made me feel uneasy. we had been driving with the windows down and they still were down. something hit my forehead and pinged off. i looked around and realized that there big, weird looking bugs flying around everywhere.

and, oh god, they were going into the car, too. buggs absolutely hates bugs!! they freak him out. i hurried to get into the car and frantically waved a magazine around trying to extricate the bug from the car. i saw one up close and realized what it was…a may fly. yuck!! i felt eyes on me. i stopped and looked around and people were staring at me…in the gas station, from the bar, and as they walked across the street.

i felt creeped out and we sped off. i was able to pull over to the side of the road and use priceline to get a room at the comfort inn suites, in jerome. we headed toward jerome and i felt something inside of my shorts buzzing around. i had an idea of what it was…a may fly, but i didn’t want to upset buggs…so, i tried to push it out of my mind.

we arrived. i got out and checked in. i went to get buggs out and the may fly flew out of shorts. it landed on the back of his neck and freaked him the fuck out. he tried repeatedly to get it, but just couldn’t reach it. i got him settled down and extricated the thing from him. we hurried into our plush room.

i will say that the staff and people that i met in jerome, id were wonderful!! the comfort in suites were fantastic!! our room was clean and cozy and luxurious. buggs and i snuggled all night long.

we checked out and decided to drive over to twin falls to see if we could see anything. oh my gosh the sights that we saw!! the snake river…the valley…the bridge…the falls…the rock formations…the tesla car charging station. this was also where i found my “lucky ticket.”

twin falls had the friendliest worker working the drive through window at mcdonald’s and the very best cheeseburgers with the perfect ratio of ketchup to pickles to onions. i loved twin falls. i would live there!!

it was this last leg of the journey that tried my patience the most and caused me to forever and always part ways with google navigation. “she” lead me straight into road construction, in the middle of the great basin, where there is absolutely no signal whatsoever…and delays of two hours or more.

i will say that the state of nevada has the absolute worst rest stops that i’ve ever been to. they are unlit and all have pit toilets and are absolutely filthy. the roads are also of poor quality. gas stations are few and far between, so, pay close attention to your gas gauge. nevada just sucks all the way around!!

after all of that road construction, we arrived back at the apartment after 2200. only r*****d was up and he wanted to chew me out for having a messy room. such a nice and kind welcome…it made me feel really comfortable and happy to be back.



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