yesterday was really crazy. i was trying to arrange some runs to go home for halloween and visit my dogs. there was a lady in bozeman that wanted her rescue picked-up in madras. and then, i was contacted by a lady in portland, who wanted me to pick-up her dog and deliver it to denver.

so, i began planning our trip back to the pacific northwest. we would hit madras first, then portland, followed by vancouver. we would stay in spokane and then drive to bozeman, deliver the rescue, and stay there. the next day, we would drive to denver, deliver that dog, and stay there. then, we would venture back.

well, things came apart and fell through and suddenly became very different. i was a little discouraged to not be going home. i wanted to see my friends and my dogs. i decided to try some new strategies and all of the sudden…surprise…buggs and i will be taking a fantastic, fall journey.

we will be leaving henderson on november 12, driving to monterey and will spend the night. the next morning, november 13, we will pick-up a german shepherd and three cats. we will drive to wendover, ut and stay the night.

on november 14, we will drive to sidney, ne and stay there. on november 15, we will drive to moline, il and stay there. on november 16, we will drive to buffalo, ny and stay there. on november 17, we will drive to albany, ny and deliver our precious cargo.

november 17 and 18 we will be staying in nyc and november 19 and 20 we will be staying at niagra falls and visiting toronto. i would love to have a human travel companion to come along for the ride, but it’s not necessary. i’ve got my co-pilot, buggs and my co-co-pilot, j**s. i hope that one day i will have someone, but for now, i know that all i truly need…i already have.





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