what if…the joke’s on me…

as two dragonflies

buzzed indiscriminate circles above my head

as if reading the thoughts churning in this cluttered mind

bouncing and pinging off of other objects and obstacles

like a pachinko pinball machine

sounding all manner of bells and whistles

alarms really… warnings… red alerts

wake up… open your eyes… wake up

you’ve been here before

it’s the image of you that repeats and retreats, repeats, and retreats

flat, one dimensional always slightly out of direct sight

but, i know it’s you or my idea of you, but nonetheless you

sure enough texts ensue…your words, your messages…no voice

dogs run past my feet

making chase, barking, stopping just long enough to look at me

as if wondering if I was going to be okay, if I was going to live through this

perhaps they know something that I’m not privy to


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