the rest of the first drop-off of pets…

…so, as i drove through the pitch black gorge, unable to see, big trucks all around i felt something wet splashing on me. i couldn’t figure out what it was, because i couldn’t see anything. then, came a familiar ammonia smell, cat urine. there was a pissed off puss throwing his pee on me (the owner did not include a litter box.). there was nothing that i could do.

i drove on. next came a god awful smell from the backseat…the cats. and then, as if on cue, all five cats began howling and caterwauling, which in turn got buggs and olivia barking. i was tired and frazzled and went with the first thing that entered my mind. i began singing religious songs from my childhood. mind you, to drown out the cats, i was nearly screaming.

i “sang” for three hours straight. i was a half hour away from spokane, in somewhere called ritzville. i needed gas and i needed to use the restroom. one my way to the cashier, something told me to pick-up some paper towels and i did. i filled the gas tank, opened the car door, and went to get inside.

buggs was rather frantic and i quickly realized why. he had had diarrhea all over my driver seat. i couldn’t and didn’t get mad at buggs. i was mad at myself. i was glad that i picked up the roll of papertowels, cleaned it up the best that i could, and stuck a blanket it on it.

we arrived in spokane at 0600, 24 hours since we began driving the day before. i dropped off 4 cats and 1 dog, received payment, and tried to deliver the “pissy cat,” the one who covered me in urine. however, no one responded. j**s told me to get a room and let the owners come to me to get the cat.

i took a bath and soaked. buggs slept. j**s talked to us through the whole day, making sure that i got sleep, had my feet up, and stayed hydrated. i bid on jobs and looked into having my car detailed. other than taking buggs out to go potty, we never left our room.

tomorrow, i will write about our journey back from our first trip.



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