more photos from our journey…

…okay, our photos left off at corning, ca…right before our climb up into the mountains. we begin at the first reststop up the mountain…the lakehead rest area…and we conclude at la pine, or at dusk, in a thick haze from the wildfires.

mind you…buggs and i began in fremont, ca…having slept in the car, in a denny’s parking lot. we picked up, bear the cat at 0600. by the time we reached la pine, or it was about 2000.

i had five cats and two dogs in the car with me. which meant every two to three hours stopping to potty walk, feed, and water dogs…clean up after cats, feed, and water. i also needed to photograph each one and send to owner with our eta, etc.

by the time i reached the motherfucking columbia gorge it was pitch fucking black. i was on a two lane, winding road, with big trucks, and bright lights and i couldn’t see. it was white knuckle driving, like i’d never known it…will fill in the rest tomorrow.

but, by the time we reached our final destination…spokane, wa…it was 0600…24 hours straight of driving, walking, feeding, photographing, etc. and, i got five cats, two dogs, and myself safely to spokane, wa. i did it with my co-pilot buggs…we rocked!!


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