room 3479…

…so, here i sit in my ultraplush suite in the cardiac unit of the billings clinic hospital. i originally came in complaining that i could no longer feel my legs or feet.

…soon, all of the sudden it’s we’re admitting you for chest pain. i texted j**s she said that that was a “cya” diagnosis. i told her thathe only way i could get my meds was to be admitted.

…so, exhausted and just wanting to feel better, i was admitted to room 3479. i had a ct of my lungs to look for pe’s. none found. i had a four hour mri scan, from brain to lower back, which revealed bulging discs in neck and lower back.

…every blood test on earth is being run. and today, i was five minutes from being discharged when a neurologist visiting from boston, came over to me and ran a full battery of tests. she said that it was either the bulging discs and nerves causing my feet and legs numbness or it is guillain-barre syndrome.

…at any rate, this is my third night here. tomorrow i endure a lumbar puncture and a heart stress test. please keep a good thought for me.


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