guess what…

…still fucking here in room 3479 of the cardiac unit. i’ve been here since friday, the fifteenth and i am livid. everyday i feel that i’m jerked around one way and then another.

i explained my symptomsl when i arrived, that i couldn’t feel my legs or feet…i was dizzy and nauseous and exhausted. somehow that statement was reduced to, “chest pains” thus the cardiac unit.

yesterday i was examined by an awesome neurologist, who had some really interesting ideas. she convinced me to stay last night, so that i could have lumbar puncture today.

well, i woke up this morning and the nurse told me that i couldn’t have my lumbar puncture until tomorrow, as the xarelto that they started me back on, had not left my system yet.

and, blood getting into the spinal cord when being punctured could cause paralysis. so tomorrow after 0830, i will have both procedures. the stress test and the lumbar puncture.

if either thing turns out bad, i get to prolong my stay, but i am sure that everything will be just fine. no worries…just cabin fever and missing my buggs!!



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