…i am feeling really rundown. i am still on the road, but had to alter my original plan. instead of heading to the long beach/ocean shores area to look at houses, buggs and i stayed “at home” for a few more days…drinking in the beauty and lushness.

we then drove over and explored ellensburg, which had really grown and changed. we explored couer d’alene and continued east through yet another area of recent forest fires. the air was thick with ash and soot. the landscape was charred.

i knew that i was fading fast and needed to convalesce, get my feet up, and get some fluids in me. p**l invited us to come and stay with him in laurel, so, we continued on to our sixth state in five days (nevada, california, oregon, washington, idaho, and montana).

the good thing about that is, that i can enjoy some good company and be able to pitch in and help out. it also means that i can go and see a doctor that knows me and will take his time with me, as i feel like perhaps i may have pneumonia or oncoming pneumonia.

i know that i used to talk about how bad the healthcare system and doctors were in montana, but nevada is way, way worse. nevada has the absolute worst of the worst doctors. at least the doctors in montana listen to and spend time with you. they may not get it right the first time, but at least they try.

so, as of last night around 2200, i had been up for forty-eight hours straight, unable to sleep for one reason or another. i was so fucking tired, run down, and very emotional, because when i get overly tired…my emotions take over.

last night, i finally felt “safe enough” to sleep (i’ll explain in my next post.). today, i woke up feeling a bit better. i drank gatorade and had done chicken broth. i was able to go out for a bit and get buggs some dog food. we went to the park on the lake, where i used to go to eat my subway chopped salads.

not much has changed. which was very comforting in a way. however, i do know what’s missing…my mom. she loved this town and state, but now, my dad has sold her impeccably landscaped with love house, to join join my sister and her family in oklahoma. p**l and i miss her and love her. i’m glad that we have each other 😊!!




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