henderson to helendale…

…buggs and i left at about 1300. it was later than i wanted, but there were things that i needed to take care of before leaving.

for one, the nevada dmv sent me my new license plates, but no paper registration or stickers. i needed to take care of that, which i did quickly.

the nevada dmv allows you to schedule appointments online and i did. i was fortunate enough to get right in, get a nice lady, and get out.

i needed to go to the ninety-nine cent store to get water and snacks for the road. however, i always get sidetracked by things there and it takes me awhile.

part of my problem was that i had no idea what i wanted and of course, you never know what they’re going to have. all told, i was in there for over an hour.

i got whole wheat multi-grain crackers, chunks of cheddar cheese, tuna, instant espresso, peanuts, almonds, and sour patch kids to keep me awake.

i returned to the apartment, took my bags and buggs bed to the car, and then, i arranged the set-up. i put buggs bed in the co-pilot seat with his blanket.

near me, i put water bottles and sour patch kids candy. (i’ve been completely off sugar, but the taste and keeping my tongue busy, keep me awake.)

i went back to the apartment, put buggs in his blue and white hanukkah harness, and took him for a long potty walk. then, we arrived at the car.

once there, my co-pilot jumped into “his throne,” and i strapped him to his seat belt through his harness. i made absolutely sure that my dog was safe.

we started the air conditioning and then took the prerequisite selfies. once done, i said, “okay google, take us to fremont, california.” she got right on that…

…and, we were off like a “turd of hurdles,” as my ex would say. we drove fast and approached the mojave desert and fort irwin in ninety-nine minutes.

which generally takes two and one half hours when going the speed limit. my friend works in the er on base, that’s how i know…nothing but, desolation.

we pulled over close to helendale and the base, right in the middle of the mojave desert. i took photos and then, i took buggs out for a potty walk.

these are our photos from that first leg of our journey. they include our selfies, our welcome to california inspection, and the beautiful, expansive sky.

…more tomorrow, i was exhausted today and didn’t get much written or touched up. i woke up every two hours thinking that i forgot to pick-up a pet.


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