all good things…

…must come to an end…but, why? a great question that i ask myself. my personal answer is that they don’t, but, sometimes they need to take a pause.

we are now back. we arrived at 2230 last night. buggs and i, were extremely tired and needed to recharge our batteries before going on our next trip.

on the fifth, we will be travelling from henderson to south lake tahoe to south hill. we will be chauffeuring a terrier named, asia, to washington state.

for the moment, we are back in the desert. we experienced so much in the five days that we were gone. we were in five states in those five days.

we experienced high highs and low lows, but we experienced them together, and we came back together. we had a wonderful journey.

yes, i say journey, because a trip generally doesn’t result in so much thought, introspection, soul searching, questioning, and personal growth.

so, now that we are back and resting, tomorrow i will write about our journey and work on all of the 1831 photos that i took. like i said, we saw a lot.

until tomorrow then…



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