a teaser…

(this was actually from yesterday, but fell asleep before i could publish.)

…more to come tomorrow…

buggs and i, left henderson on wednesday at 1300. we drove to fremont and got there at 2300. i didn’t want to spring for a and decided to sleep in the car, in a denny’s parking lot. none of the gas stations allowed customers in to use the bathroom, so, I held it. i got buggs out of the car and into some really primo grass. within minutes, i heard a familiar sound. next, i recognized where i knew the sound from. it was the sound of the automatic sprinklers going off. buggs and i, got drenched. after all of the dog walking, watering, and watching…it was time to go to car.

i drove from 0600 on thursday, until 0600 this morning, friday. i haven’t really been able to sleep yet, just play the drop the phone game most of the day, while answering all of the calls that i sent out in the middle of the night to my friends and family members, in the midst of one of my most surreal, challenging, upsetting, frustrating, rewarding, and strangely beautiful, never-ending…exciting, adrenaline-charged days.

i will never forget it. the nuances are etched into my mind forever. all of the details that i so feed on were there…the sight of mt. shasta’s majesty peeking through the fog…the taste of the sour patch kids candy that i ate to stay awake…the sticky feeling of sap from a ponderosa pine making my arm hair stick together…hearing the caterwauling of five angry kitties…or smelling the diarrhea, a gift left by my adorable buggs, on my driver’s seat, back, and armrest…no one ever forgets those things.

…to be continued tomorrow…with photos




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