last friday…

…it was an interesting day. i was already feeling emotional and was not prepared for the added difficulty of forgetting to bring my order for my upper arm ultrasound.

the lady at the desk looked for a copy in her computer system, because my doctor failed to send it electronically. the lady told me to call my doctor’s office and have them send it. i called my doctors office and got a prerecorded message that told me that their office would be closed until august 14, because they were moving the office to a different location.

in that moment, i felt helpless and all alone. i knew that i needed the ultrasound done and thought that i would have to use the little gas that i had to drive back to the apartment to pick-up the stupid paper that i had forgotten to bring with me.

suddenly, my phone started to ring a strange ring. i looked and it was w***y. i answered the phone, with an obviously teary voice. she asked me what was wrong and i told her. i asked her if she would take a photo of the order and email it to me.

w***y saved the day for me. the photo of the order worked and i was able to get my ultrasound that day. i felt very grateful for the help of my friend and for the universe that interceded on my behalf!! w***y never calls me!!

anyway, this photostrip is a compilation of the nature around the imaging center, the people waiting inside of it, and the struggle between a drunk woman and a police officer. i believe that it was the officer that had the worse day, because that woman behaved horribly, spitting on him and saying vile things to him.







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