an early morning at the barkpark…

…yesterday was the first time in two weeks that buggs has gone to the dog park, as he had kennel cough and was on antibiotics.

that morning, i told him where we were going, but he was not as excited as he would usually be. i think that it had been “so long” that he didn’t necessarily believe me and was being cautiously optimistic.

as we drove with the windows partially down, i watched his nose get more and more intrigued and excited by the scents that were in the air. when we were about a block away, he shot up, looked out the window, and stuck his nose out of the crack.

he absolutely knew where we were. he was up and dancing on his seat and “talking” chihuahua quietly, as if preparing what to say before greeting his friends. he hopped out of the car and immediately began pulling me to the little dog yard.

as we approached, i saw more little dogs in there than i had ever seen before. my god, there must have been upwards of seventy-five furry, little pups. buggs was so excited that he actually allowed himself to enjoy the little dogs for awhile, putting goading the big dogs to chase him along the fenceline out of his mind.

it was difficult to keep an eye on him with so many other dogs around. however, i can always pick my boy’s unique bark and chihuahua chatter. he was running and then would stop to lick ice and then lie down in the shade. he was panting like a wild dog.

watching dogs interact and play is such a joyful and jubilant experience. they are generally so happy to great and see one another. buggs is funny. he’ll do the standard meet and greet of butt sniffing, but then he gives a “come on and chase me,” chihuahua chirp…and, it’s off to the races.

all in all, it was a great morning. you can never go wrong with dogs or the dog park…that’s some potently good therapy.



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