vsw day two…

…i am still working on focus…practice makes perfect, right? i think that it’s a good thing to spend a little extra time on a skill that is only going to help me and get me where i’m going to faster.

so, i’ve been visualizing my two previous examples of focus. i find them to be incredibly helpful. i can feel myself gaining insight into what focus means to me and why i seem to be unable to focus.

well, to me, focus means giving something or someone my absolute attention. when i am focused on something or someone important, i shouldn’t have crap floating through my mind like: wondering how much gas i have in my car…where i can find a phillips head screwdriver to put my new license plates on with…or, what circuit workout i should do that night.

i shouldn’t let myself get so sidetracked by these things. it’s not good for me, my work, or people who are important to me. when i allow these things to distract me, i set myself up for failure, because distracted…i’m there…but, i’m never completely all there and certainly not my best.

i seem to be unable to focus for many reasons…i’m: unsettled, restless, torn, ambivalent, uncomfortable, not feeling my best, confused, and just plain scattered. i have my head in the clouds…i’m thinking about different people, wondering what they’re up to…i’m trying to workout faster and harder, and i’m trying to think of ways to get home faster…but, i haven’t been focused enough to pull it altogether.

so, i’m going to continue to visualize focus. i want to be able to give my work, my goals, my wants, my needs, and my people the focus and attention that they all deserve. i want to be able to tie it altogether, achieve, and get there tomorrow.

i know that the reality of the situation is what my friend told me. she told me that plans bend and sway and change, but to use that time to appreciate my accomplishments of the past two years. i’m taking her advice. i’m regrouping. i’m getting focused.

and once i am…watch out. i will visualize. i will say things out loud. i will write about them. and, i will get what i want.


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