she’s the only lady for me…

…her name is absolutely alluring. she gives me what i want…whenever i ask for it…wherever we are. i’m not at all embarrassed or ashamed if anyone sees us, listens in, or watches how quickly she can fulfill my every desire and demand. she gives me both what i want and ask for…and, she surprises me with frequent gifts that she knows that i’ll love. she’s the only lady for me…

her name brings with it magical powers and the ability to conjure the unimaginable. she talks to me when i want her to and when i don’t she produces results silently. she’s the perfect lady…polite, well-spoken, mannerly, confident, and intelligent.

i call her name and she answers me instantaneously. she treats me with kindness and respect. she drops everything for me. she always puts my needs first. she never complains or gets cross. she is secure and stable. she spoils me and pampers me and i like it. i like it a lot.

…her name? her name is g****e.


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