hot and sweaty…

…the desert already makes me hot and sweaty, but when exercise is added to the equation the result is downright uncomfortable.

i feel like i’m always…getting into or out of a cold shower…changing my clothes…doing laundry…drinking water.

even with cold, wet towels on my head, i’m just uncomfortable and crabby, not to mention perpetually soggy. i hate it.

once home, i’ll never again complain about the heat or humidity, because i now know what it truly feels like here.

and, what it feels like here is altogether miserable and uncomfortable. nowhere i’ve ever been has ever felt so yucky.

but, as gross and moist and sticky as it is i keep pushing myself forward, as hard as i can. i don’t want to let myself down.

i’m getting excited about going clothes and shoe shopping and shocking the shit out of people when i hit my goal.

post-workout l
post-workout ll

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