“i’ll have a drink…”

…the other day, my friend, j**s, was really frustrated. she had crazy patient, after filthy-dirty patient, etc…a mean surrogate carrying around three embryos and a family infested with lice.

she’s an emergency room nurse. apparently, some days are really up days and some days…just a shit storm. the other day was a complete cluster fuck, a cavalcade of broken people.

she’s very much into fitness and being healthy. j**s is very “light.” i could probably pick her up with one hand. she’s a lady with the metabolism of a hummingbird or mosquito.

she brings healthy snacks to nibble on throughout the day. anyway, she was really craving her cheese and crackers. she went to go and get them…and, they were gone. someone took them.

she needs her fuel to keep going and just couldn’t believe that someone stole her motherfucking cheese and crackers. she was hungry, frustrated, and angry, but did her fourteen hours.

she got out to her car and sent me the following text: “i’ll just have a drink…isn’t that how responsible adults trapped in their adulthood handle things nonviolently?

i laughed hysterically at the words, as they were very carefully chosen and i could just hear her minnesota accent summing this theory up for me. i   thought it was funny and asked if i could make it a meme. she said, “yes.”

so, i very quickly slapped three examples together. they are rough drafts only!! yes, i know that color and size of font need to be adjusted, as does the direction of the phrase…it’s running “downhill.”





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