…i’ve been doing a lot lately. i’m kind of exhausted…well, maybe more than kind of. when one has to pull over and take a catnap in a stripmall, five minutes from their residence or falls asleep in their plate…one is really exhausted. i’m rundown and exhausted.

i had lab work done on tuesday. i had an echocardiogram done on wednesday. i had a ct scan with contrast done of my heart, today. i have a ct scan with contrast scheduled of my carotid arteries, on august 7. i have a tilt table test scheduled, on august 9. i have telemetry set-up scheduled, on august 14. after all requirements are completed, i’ll have a  follow-up with my cardiologist.

i’m happy to have a few days off of work to rest and recharge. i’ll spend more time writing and working on my blog. i’m very much looking forward to it. i’ll still be exercising, but am taking some time off of work…

…no worries…i’m fine…just taking some preventative measures!



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