my beloved “office”…

…i’ve recently noticed that there’s a feature from google that just seemed to appear to me one day. i’m pretty observant, surely, i would’ve noticed it before if it were there. it’s been going on now for maybe two months…maybe less and maybe more. i don’t know for sure.

the feature that i’m talking about appears when i use my google search box. i suddenly began noticing long strands of “cards,” with subject matters tailored to me and my interests. they just began appearing. google must take the information that i research the most and compile interesting articles, from across the internet, to try to please me, and keep me satisfied. this both irritates the crap out of me and “tickles me pink.”

it irritates me, because if google knows and keeps track of what i’m looking at…other places do, too. no, i’m not a moron!! i read and “electronically signed” their disclosures and user agreements. i knew that they would be using and sharing my information. i just didn’t know what they would do with it.

i’m used to everything being relatively noneventful and plain. and then, suddenly everything became overwhelming. i began forgetting what i’m searching for…because, suddenly now going to search…is like a motherfucking party…complete with hours worth of time wasting, partysavers. that’s what irritates the crap out of me.

however, the flipside to that coin…is that i enjoy the hell out of seeing what google thought that she’d surprise me with. let me tell you, that 98.99% of the time, my google…she “tickles me pink.” she’s right on the money!!

she sends me the most wonderful gems about, the office. those are the links and articles that i love the most! i share the things that i really like with myself, so that i can utilize them here from time to time, too. so today, i’m sharing something that i really enjoyed. it’s a list ranking the secondary characters on the show, with clips.

the best secondary characters in the office ranked.




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