as the big five – ooooh looms…

…in the headlights less than eight hours away, i am struck by the fear and panic of all of the things that were on my list to be completed by now…but alas, are not!!

i don’t know if that makes me an abject failure or just gives me some reasons to hang on for a few years longer. the list is very long and some of the items require having a partner 😕.

i mean, i guess that i could take ballroom dancing lessons with r*****d, and his two titanium hips and knees, or for that matter maybe even someone from a senior center.

but, fuck no!! i cannot and will not marry, r*****d!! i guess that i could marry myself, buggs, a senior from the center, or a fruit salad…as people have been permitted to do stranger things.

anyway, for whatever is left after this milestone, i will make it the very best that i can, all by myself…as none of the “new hires” prove worthy and the one’s that are worthy are “already on the job.”

so, woo-fucking-hoo…

ps…by the way i believe that i will qualify for all of the senior discounts in town tomorrow and aarp…i’m going to go dye my hair blue or pink now 😂😝. getting old is like a bucket of bm, from turd city…hard and stinky. it’s plain old 🐂💩…


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