someone once saw me…

…she took the absolute time, to stop and not to look at me, but rather, to look inside of me. she was able to connect with my spirit and resonate with my energy.

when she looked into my eyes, she saw me, the future me. the me that she knew that i could and would eventually become. she had faith in me, when i had none in myself.

i don’t know if i ever told her, but i saw her, too. i saw her for all that she presently was, all that she had been, and for whom and what she could or would be in the future.

i always felt that, she had been a really special and important person for and to me. in that very short time period, she gave me what no one else ever has: absolute connection, understanding, and acceptance.

because of her encouragement, support, inspiration,  and motivation…i am becoming the future me that she saw. i am becoming healthier, stronger, more confident, and secure in myself.

these photos are from my workouts today…

exercise bike
after core workout

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