oprah winfrey and deepak chopra’s 21-day meditation experience: desire and destiny…

…i’ve been so out of my regular routine that the new meditation series from oprah winfrey and deepak chopra, desire and destiny, nearly past by me.

today is day 3…so, in order to keep from losing day 1…you need to complete day 1 before midnight tonight. the chopra center leaves each meditation online free for 3 days, after the third day it becomes available by purchase only. i apologize for my oversight! i had to catch up, too.

i was really excited when i read the title and saw the description for this new series. the theme and focus are universal, but for me it takes on special meaning. this series is perfect for me, because i just began “phase two” of my quest to become physically fit. a lot comes along with that future fitness, namely how to manifest the desires of my heart, and how to achieve my true destiny. i’m excited! please join me in another meditation experience.

“are you ready to discover your true purpose in life? join oprah & deepak on a transformational journey to become the person you were born to be in desire and destiny. explore your heart’s deepest desires and learn the keys to manifesting them, creating a life filled with passion.

discover the secrets to:

  • release limiting beliefs to unlock your true potential
  • shift your perceptions to see the hidden opportunities in every situation
  • cultivate your intuition to know the best course of action at any moment
  • align your deepest desires with universal energy to effortlessly transform your life

beautiful soundscapes harmonize with oprah & deepak’s daily message, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts. start your joyful transformation with desire and destiny and start turning your dreams into reality!” (the chopra center)


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