i never knew…

…that when i was looking for a dog to adopt, that i would actually find the one that i was supposed to have.

i worried about adopting a dog that ended up having major issues like: separation anxiety, aggression, or health problems.

i was looking at petfinder.com, when i saw a rust colored, gargoyle with orange eyes. he looked like an egyptian anubis and he looked like he knew the secrets of the universe. he wasn’t too big and he wasn’t too small…he was the perfect size dog.

everyday, i went onto the website and showed r*****d his photo. everyday, r*****d would tell me how ugly the little guy was and that we couldn’t have a dog.

the process went on for three months. and, everyday that i went on and looked, i worried would be the day that i’d no longer see his angular face.

one day in particular, i was feeling really sad and lonely. i was sitting in my chair quietly writing, and the tears just came spilling down my face. i was so sad, so lonely, and just so alone…in a place that i hated.

r*****d, who hates it when i cry, looked over at me and demanded to know what was wrong. i told him that i was so sad and lonely, that my heart hurt. he asked me what would make me feel better, good enough to stop crying.

i immediately knew what i would and did say…a dog! not just any dog, that dog that i looked at everyday.  i made some calls and found out that he was still available. the next day, i adopted him from a rescue.

suddenly, i belonged to another heart and soul. there was another compassionate being that loved and cared about me. i was his mama and he was my boy. i was no longer alone.

his royal highness, king buggs



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