phase two…

i previously discussed, that i’m kicking everything up several notches. i’ve “shredded,” which is a fitness person’s word for losing weight…fat, pounds, and inches. now, i’ve got to “beast it up,” which means to workout with fervor and intensity. which, if done correctly, will produce great, noticeable “gains,” which relates directly to the saying, “no pain, no gain.” “gains” are the spoils of fitness battles…a fit and healthy body.

i’m continuing on with the healthy diet model of no/low carbs and no sugar. i have to say that…i have so much gratitude, respect, and appreciation for the one who cared enough to share the tools and strategies for me to utilize to become a health warrior and to get me to this point…the point where i can become that future me…in mind, body, and spirit…the triad, divine.

my friend, j**s, has helped me to plan a program that will work for me. it’s something that i can do physically…sometimes i have to modify exercises, because my balance is so poor or because i can’t feel my leg, but even with modifications…i can still do everything that i need to do. when i say “modification,” i’m talking about something generally silly and simple, like standing next to my dresser to do my step-up knee raises…in case i need to catch myself or touch with a finger to balance.

to get the remeron completely out of my system, i’ve been working out seven days a week. this schedule exhausts my body and mind, while bolstering my spirit…and, it gives me the gift of sleep, without being a prisoner. instead, i wake up refreshed and ready to begin again.

i do sixty minutes of cardio everyday. it’s usually a combination of walking and exercise biking, rowing, or swimming. and then before bed, i do one circuit workout and each night i target a different part of my body. for instance, last night i targeted my thighs and booty. today, i will target my core.

here’s what i’ve done over the last few days:


80 minutes of overall cardio

44 minutes of walking

31 minutes of exercise biking

5 minutes of rowing

upper body workout

calories consumed: 1936

calories burned: 968

net calories: 968


73 minutes of overall cardio

37 minutes of walking

31 minutes of exercise biking

5 minutes of stair stepping

chest and back workout

calories consumed: 2028

calories burned: 914

net calories: 1114


64 minutes of overall cardio

34 minutes of walking

30 minutes of exercise biking

booty and thigh workout

calories consumed: 1869

calories burned: 813

net calories: 1056

riding the bike at the gym



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