extreme thunderstorm warning…


…i’d guess that most people would stay indoors and hunker down during this type of weather event. i love storms! storms, clouds, and rain…they remind me of home. i love home! i miss home!

anyway, buggs and i wanted to go for a walk and explore. i secretly wanted the clouds to burst and pour down on me. i wanted puddles to jump in and rain drops to catch on my tongue.

we walked and watched and waited…nothing. so, as we walked, i began shooting photos of random things that i found interesting…colors, textures, shapes, organic, inorganic.

i watched the sky. i watched the clouds. i watched how quickly the clouds moved across the sky. i watched them as they morphed into one shape and then another…a fluid ballet of sorts.

it never did rain. it misted a little, tiny bit, but not so much as a sprinkle, no sprinkles…no drops. it just got really sticky and sweaty…moist and uncomfortable…no breeze at all.


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