remeron rumination (part one)…

…this is an excerpt from an email…

that medicine came on so strong last night. it overtook me within about 27 minutes. as i tell you this, i picture myself as a fierce, great ape…a fearsome gorilla swinging through the forest canopy trying to avoid my capture…but, as i’m making my getaway, i’m hit by a tranquilizer dart…it’s small and innocuous looking…i pull it out of my ass and turn around…i sneer and roar, as i throw the thing back at them…i feel my eyes flitter and roll back into my head…i’m gone and lying on the ground within seconds. my captors win. i become their big draw at their little zoo. i’m on display for all to see. i’m a captive…a prisoner dependent upon others to feed me, keep me healthy, clean my surroundings, and motivate me to perform tasks created by others. that is my existence…




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