saturday afternoon…

…buggs and i decided to drive to lake mead. buggs had never ridden in the car before, so, he was primed for excitement when he got in.

he did really well and rode like a champ, until we reached the outskirts of boulder city. there they were working on the freeway and it scared him.

buggs shook like a leaf and panted the whole rest of the way to lake mead. we drove through the payment area and i showed my access pass. we got in free.

we off roaded in my “new to me” car, until we found a spot on the beach, next to the lake. we got out, walked around, shot photos, and both waded for awhile.

buggs grew weary of wading, so i took him to the car, gave him water, and dried him off. i loaded him up and then took a few selfies and regular shots.

we drove back over the sand and rock, and out past the ranger station. we stopped and had a bean burrito at roberto’s before going back.

buggs enjoyed a few bites of cheese and i enjoyed a lot of hot sauce. we drove back to the apartment. when all was said and done, we were both exhausted.

our adventure and photographic expedition…




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