“no peace for the wicked”…

…is a song that’s near and dear to my heart. it’s from the into the gap album, by the thompson twins, from 1984.

i used to listen to this cassette tape over and over again. i knew every word and every bit of percussion.

you see, i loved tom bailey’s voice, but i was absolutely gaga for alannah currie, who played percussion and also sang.

at the time, they were my very favorite band. i saw them once with my friend, m*****n and her brother, m*****l.

i saw them three or four times with my first girlfriend, p***a. we also met them once and got their autographs.

anyway, there is also, “no peace for the wicked,” in the desert. my friend, j**s, says that she has beachfront property…

…to the lake of fire (hades)…the scorching hot desert. if there is a devil, he lives here…in the desert…for sure…

at 10:30 pm, it was still 107°, with 16% humidity. and, when you live in a desert with 0% humidity, 16% is miserable.

at 2:52 am, it cooled down very significantly to 100°, with 16% humidity. much, much cooler…not!!

this morning at 8:27 am, it was still very cool and pleasant 😂 at 100°, but with only 10% humidity, so much better 😅.

right now, at 9:25 am, it is 100°, with 15% humidity. there is no breeze or circulation of air, it’s very sticky, heavy.

there is a 55% chance of precipitation this afternoon, which will make the humidity 14%, with a high of 114°

like the thompson twins so aptly sang,”(there’s no peace) no peace for the wicked…we’re dancing till we drop…(there’s no rest) no rest for the wicked…
and we’re all too scared to stop”…


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